6 Sexiest Ways to Pimp Windows XP Right-Click Menu to Access Files Faster

How many times do you use the right-click menu? That's the question I think there is no need to answer. What needs to be asked is how can I extend the menu's functionalities so I can access files faster? Read below to find it out!

6 - Add the Favorites function

Bring the Favorites feature into your right-click menu with Folder Guide and you will never move your mouse again to the place. It becomes easier and faster to reach. What is much better is that this freeware works in save/open dialog. The folder picking process is simple as well. Just right-click on any folder and select the option Add to Folder Guide.

5 - Hack Your Open With Menu with Open Expert

Open Expert allows you to control the open-with. Add or delete any program shortcut you want. Manage the order, or add a shortcut only for certain file types or all. This is a very handy program since a computer user tends to have more than one program to open a file type.

4 - Add A Temporary Storage for Copy, Move, And Paste Files

PikyBasket lets you to copy files from different folders across multiple drives into a container before finally you move or paste them all into other folders. If you do not want to paste them all, then select the ones you need to. The container can be emptied automatically after copying.

3 - Add A New Panel for A Selected Folder

I have a library data in which I collect and organize thousand files as my information source. This makes FolderBox becomes another handy utility since it makes me possible to open a selected folder in a new panel located in the bottom of the left panel. Moreover, you can browse folders in five tabs within this additional panel.

2 - Differentiate Important Folders with Colors

iColorFolder is what you really need if you unable to locate the target folder immediately among others. You can colorize any folders with it.

1 - Totally Tweak Your Right-Click Menu

If many of your installed program integrate some commands to the right-click menu, it will get too crowded and look cluttered. You're lucky if the programs give you options to manage the commands, but what if not? Use Mmm Free. With this freeware, you will be able to hide or group all the standard and additional commands within the right-click. Another free utility I recommend is Glary Utilities. Though it is a package of system optimization tools, it has a feature to completely hide the commands selected without making the right-click menu loads slower.

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