Fix Internet Explorer Error - Vista, XP, Me, 98

Since Internet Explorer 7 shows up, this browser is getting better. However, no matter how good the features of an application are, error happens sometimes. While most of the features Repair IE has are actually designed to change many settings in the browser, its ability to reset Internet Explorer functions back to default can be the only help you need if the browser suddenly gets error or crash or other problems.

Unfortunately, the developer doesn't clearly state which version is supported. It is only said that it works for Windows 98, Me, XP and Vista. Does it work for Internet Explorer 7 and the older version? Many people still have Internet Explorer 5 and 6.

If the errors unable to be removed by this free application, then you should find another way which is perhaps a complicated one. For a simple fix, replace it with a better browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.

Windows Software Buzz, Tuesday, October 21, 2008 At 5:40 AM - Permalink
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