Change Multiple Drives Background in Windows Explorer At Once - XP, Vista

Adding an image for the drives is a breeze even for a novice user using the so-called Drives Background Image. An average computer user, not a geek one, who simply uses it for typing or other kind of general computer tasks would love it for its easy to use nature. Select the image, the drive, set it, and you're done.

What makes it different from other instant drive background changer software is its ability to replace the backgrounds of either a single drive or multiple drives simultaneously. In other words, you can use this to change each drive's background to make each stands out from the rest, or to replace the whole drives' backgrounds at once in no time. Removing the changes to get back to the default is easy as well. Fast, simple, straightforward, free, and supports Windows Vista / XP.

Windows Software Buzz, Tuesday, October 21, 2008 At 7:32 PM - Permalink
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