Make Calendar from Your Personal Pictures for Free with Tkexe

Tkexe is a Windows freeware that enables you to create a unique calendar of your own. You can make monthly, yearly, weekly, and birthday calendar. Since everything can be customized, you can have a calendar style exactly like what you want.

Besides ability to add your own pictures, Tkexe offers many other features which all can be used for free without limitation.

Check out what you can do with this software below.
  • choose and insert one or more images of your own
  • add border and transparent effects to images
  • mark certain days as free days, work days, or special days
  • font size, color, style can be personalized
  • the day names can be changed into anything you want, like change them into your own language
  • the position and size of all elements can be arranged simply by drag and drop operation
  • double-click on any element brings you to its customization window
  • ability to use your own notation to replace the standard number for the dates
  • insert specific information for a date and optionally display it below the date
  • ability to customize every single date by double-clicking a date
  • 12 months aren't enough? Then you can make 24 or 36 months calendar
There are still more you can get from Tkexe.

Though it doesn't offer many templates, you can create your own as many as you want. Just pick a template, make neccessary changes, and save it as a new one.

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