Open Multiple Files and Folders At Once with SmartClose

Windows, Free - What is so smart from SmartClose is not how it closes all the running applications, but how it records them as a single file or profile that later can be re-activated.

Let's say you have active screen capturer, windows explorer with multiple folders opened using QTTabBar, and Microsot Word. Close them using SmartClose, pick the option to create a system snapshot file, save the file under a name, and click the Ok button to go. After that, it is possible for you to restore all the saved files and folders at once with the same position just as before they were closed.

If you don't intend to close, you still can have the snapshot file by only ticking the option to create a record. I found SmartClose can be very helpful if you often run some task requiring several files and folders to run together regularly.

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Windows Software Buzz, Saturday, September 8, 2007 At 9:59 AM - Permalink
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