Free Download Command & Conquer Red Alert - Not A Trial Version!

The addictive Command & Conquer Red Alert can now be downloaded for free legally. Electronic Arts says that it is to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Red Alert series, but seeing from how this game is put inside the promotional page of the new Red Alert 3 I believe that it is simply a promotion strategy using the old game as the teaser. However, who cares about it? The most important thing is, for you who loves free stuff, you can download the original Command & Conquer Red Alert for free.

From what I read, you don't need to buy Red Alert 3 to get this game for free. Just go to the page and download it from the links provided. There are two available versions:

Command & Conquer Red Alert Soviet - download size: 500MB
Command & Conquer Red Alert Allied - download size: 500MB

Both works only with Windows XP / 98 / Me / 95.

Thanks Ludwig.

Windows Software Buzz, Thursday, September 4, 2008 At 6:06 AM - Permalink
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