Search Movies At MegaUpload & RapidShare (WMV, MPG, AVI....)

How to search movies at megaupload and rapidshare at once without having to type a bunch of codes in Google search? Don't use Google search.

Searching horror, romantic, or whatever kind of movies you want can simply be done with the help of MegaDownload. Just type the title of the movies and hit the search button. The results will be displayed within seconds.

In the search result you will be able to see:
  • the title and the extension like avi, wmv, mpg or in compressed format like rar
  • the size
  • and you will also be able to show similar files or search furthermore for the related file in the web
If you click the download button, you will be brought to the individual page where you can see some other tiny details like the description of the movie, but I prefer to not see this page if possible.

To start downloading the movie in Rapidshare or Megaupload you have to click the download button again in the individual page. From there you will be taken to the related Rapidshare or Megaupload download page where you can choose to use a free or premium account to download. You don't have to install anything for downloading. Interested? Then try it.
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