Change Wallpaper Automatically with Gaia Wallpaper Desktop

How many wallpapers you've got? If you happen to love wallpapers so much just like I do, you must have a huge collection of them that sometimes may make you confuse which one to choose to be displayed. This is where Gaia Wallpaper Desktop comes to help you.

Basically, you just want to have an automatic wallpaper changer so you can forget that manual way. But this Gaia software gives you more. Besides rotating all wallpapers according to the specified time, it is also possible to add single or multiple effects on the displayed wallpaper. Wallpapers can be categorized into different folders, and each folder can have its own configuration.

Talking about effects, it lets you to determine how often they will be applied to your wallpapers on desktop, too. The free version, ufortunately, only provides two effects: mirror and interlaced.

It has options to resize the quality and position of the wallpapers listed, and to select the background color if you choose center or, in some cases, best fit position. These options, as well as effects, can be applied to all categories or only to the selected ones. While wallpapers rotation schedule and sequences is applicable to all only. You have the possibility to change wallpapers automatically every X minutes, or every day at a certain time, and at Windows startup.

The free version, when compared to its shareware, does have some limited features. But luckily it seems that it doesn't prevent you from adding wallpapers as many as possible to the rotation list. Its free version manages to fulfill the basic need of automatic wallpaper rotation nicely.

Publisher: Gaia Dream Creation Inc
For: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
License: Freeware
Version reviewed: 1.21

To download the newest version, visit the publisher's homepage

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