100 Tricks of Digital Photography and 50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques


These two impressive free ebooks are definitely must read for anyone who want to learn how to produce astonishing digital photos. All the tips and tricks are easy to follow, accompanied by rich images to give visual explanation, and created by a professional photographer Gregory Georges with over 25 years experiences in photography.

Digital Photography: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks

This ebook is divided into 10 chapters and contains around 213 pages full of digital photography techniques. Here you are some of the chapters.

Get Ready to Take Photos
Here you learn how to master your camera to get great photos, how to choose suitable image format, white balance method for color improvement, ISO setting to control the light sensitivity of your camera, etc.

Choose Good Light
This chapter covers techniques of when to shoot with built-in flash, how to pick a good light, portraits illuminating, adding natural light, silhouette a subject, red eye prevention, shoot in fog, etc.

And here you are the rest of the chapters: Control Exposure, Control Focus and Depth of Field, Take Better Photos, Try Creative Photo Techniques, Edit Images with Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adjust Tonal Range and Correct Color with Photoshop Elements, Make Photographic Prints, and Complete Digital Photo Projects.

Visit and download Digital Photography: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks

50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques

Although the title includes the word "fast", actually this ebook provides decent information of proper methods in using your digital camera. The information is written in such a way that is scannable and easy to read and understand.

What can we learn from here? Read it to know how to determine your image quality, when to use automatic or creative exposure mode and f-stop or shutter speed, changing critical setting quickly, composing shots, uncover several misconceptions of exposure, how to use histogram, and many more.

Visit and download 50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques

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