Free Blogger Templates: Where to Get Beautiful Templates

Some blogger templates are already provided by There is nothing wrong with them, but if you need a better look and on the other hand you are just too busy creating content or simply not knowing how to modify them, there are many free template designs you can choose and download.

Here I give you links where you can get many high-quality blogger templates. Some with comparatively AdSense optimal positioning, others come up with unique and catchy design, and some focused on simplicity but still have professional look and feel. In short, you will find that blogger templates can be modified to many absolutely beautiful and creative forms that some of you probably have never imagined before.

Here you are the links in no particular order:

1. Geckoandfly - some templates this site provides have fresh wordpress look.

2. FinalSense - this site has a collection of beautiful templates grouped into several categories such as 3-columns, computer, animal, music and dance, and others.

3. Free Templates - Isnaini has some 3 column blogspot templates that have relatively good placement of AdSense. You can also find here an instruction of how to use classic templates if you want to use one of them.

4. Blogger Templates - a collection of some nice templates from some designers.

5. Blogger Templates - you can find attractive and unique templates here that have popular-movie themes such as Shrek and Pirates of the Carribean.

6. BlogSkins - a vast array of templates (for blogspot, wordpress, movable type, xanga) contributed, commented, and rated by users.

7. Blogger Templates by Caz - Caz has made some creative blogger templates you can use and modify for free. Still, these templates are linkware; so you must keep Caz's link intact.

8. BlogCrowds - BlogCrowds claims to have the largest existing collection of new blogger templates. They are categorized into niche, web2.0, monochromatic, artistic, minimalistic, color-based theme (light, blue, dark, etc), 3 and 2 columns.

9. Create Blog - This is a place where many users give their best try to design good templates, and provide their helpful works to the public for free. Unlike most of others, you can display the templates based on the newest, oldest, most favorites, most views, most comments, or random.

10. Kaushal Sheth - Kaushal ported some arcsin templates to blogger. If you want a xml version for new blogger instead of a classic one, then go to here

11. Zeventina's Design - As far as I can see, most of her works are best for girls. If I were a girl, I would have used the Morning Bird Song template.

12. Template Panic - Give a look to this Mad for Mac template.

13. Pannasmontata Templates - And here is another recommended link for you who are seeking for unique design.

I have tried as best as I can to give links what I think are very good resources for free blogger templates; however, if you have different opinion or you just know a good link that I miss here, why don't you post it in the comment section to let us know?

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Blogger Suck My Lolly Says:


I have a collection of good blogger designs on my site:

(and no, I promise you're not going to get hit by 5 zillion different ad campaigns when you go there).

No tricks, I really do want people to have cool designs.

I specialise in retro-themes for blogger and I have about 40 themes in my archive. Growing all the time.


Blogger Rampantheart Says:

this was what i was looking for!I came here from Google!Thanks for the list.


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