How to Totally Tweak Your Context-Menu

Many applications install themselves to context menu for quick access. For example, winamp adds several commands to explorer's context-menu, and they appear when you right-click over multimedia file formats it supports.

Some let you to hide or modify the additional menus, some not. If they don't let you, try Mmm. This Windows freeeware replaces your standard context-menu with a much more friendly one for its possibility to be fully modified.

With Mmm, you can completely hide the commands of context-menu of desktop, start-menu, and explorer (right pane) according to your liking, or move them to a sub-menu. It also gives a new skin with different colors. It is always nice to be able to control something that you can't before, with some little additional bonus.

OS: Windows XP only
[ Mmm ]

Windows Software Buzz, Thursday, August 23, 2007 At 3:42 PM - Permalink
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