Thousands of Free Photos Collection From My 12 Bookmarked Places

It is amazing to see how sometimes an image can make a big difference to a post, and influence the readers in many ways. With this sort of knowledge in mind, I've been hunting for free photo providers and I finally manage to come up with this list. I choose the free ones because they are especially a good resource for starters, and many of them have good quality as well. Some of these free photos can be used even on commercial environment, website templates, printed media, but others may not. Some can be used without crediting the photographers, without registration, but others may demand you to do so. Always check and read carefully the term of use or the licensing agreement before you start downloading images.

And here you are the list in no particular order:

1. Sxc.xchng


2. Creating Online

3. Morguefile


5. Photogen

6. Photocase




10. Everystockphoto


12. Yotophoto

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