Bookmark Windows Registry Tweaking For Future Reference

To get our Windows works better, sometimes we found a trick that pushes us to mess up the Registry. Once we are satisfied with the tweaking result, we close the Registry window. Most of the time we forget the location of the tweaked key. For returning a key back to its original state is simply by double-clicking the backup we have made before the tweaking, but to make a new modification to it is probably time consuming since we have to search for the forgotten location.

This is why bookmarking every modified key is necessary. Still, do not just bookmarking it. Give it a name. If you hack your placesbar then give the tweaked key the appropriate name. This bookmarking allows you to go to the needed key just by typing the name of the modification.

Do not forget to always back up any modification you make on any registry key. This will ensure your system can get back to work properly when something goes wrong with one of your registry modifications.

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