A Browser Evidence Cleaner that Does More

There have been so many cleaners available across the web, but not all are worthy downloaded. Some manages to come up to the surface and wins the heart of numerous users, but not the others. This software, while not as popular as CCleaner, has something that even CCleaner doesn't and that's why this is a worthwhile notice.

Clear History is a Windows freeware with its main function to clean browsing history and some applications tracks, and to clean junk files. On the other side, the additional functionality let you to manage the startup items.

Though it doesn't have many supports for third-party applications like what CCleaner does, it uses configurable shredding in deleting files for security purpose. So it is good for those who concern with their deleted files privacy as files that deleted in usual way will be able to be recovered simply by using the right software.

Another feature that caught my eyes was its junk remover. It is possible for the user to choose which drives and what file types are to be included in the scanning, and what the proper action from the four options available to be taken. The options are to delete, delete files beyond recovery, move to recycle bin, and move to another location.

You can also add any file type for the scanning. The backup or log files which are automatically created by third-party application, for example. This is another thing that CCleaner lacks of as well. As a result of this manually inclusion implementation is Clear History gives more bytes to be deleted than CCleaner. In a test of mine, CCleaner managed to scan approximately 98.67KB, while the junk remover alone on its default setting gave around 32MB junk files to be removed. A big difference, isn't it? Still, you should be careful in selecting what file type to be included in the scan. And by the way, the scan is similarly fast.

CCleaner is unreplaceable for sure since it is also equipped with a registry cleaner, nevertheless Clear History is a good alternative to get extra space. Recall also that shredder feature.

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