Clear All Text Formats of A Document At Once

Imagine this, you are in a situation when for some reason you need to totally re-format a long text document. This document has a lot of text formats such as italic, bold, and the like everywhere. What will you do?

Normally, people will remove all the formats one by one. An advanced Microsoft Word user may use advanced technique of finding and removing these formats at once. What many still do not know is actually this problem can be solved in a very simple way.

1. Open your text document
2. Copy all and paste it to Notepad.
That's it. All the formats are removed automatically once you paste the document into Notepad. Copy the result and re-paste it into your word processor. Do not forget to save it.

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Windows Software Buzz, Monday, September 17, 2007 At 11:52 AM - Permalink
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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

this is a good tip i find myself using this all the time when am copying things from the internet.


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