Detect Fake Email in Your Inbox

An email arrived from Paypal informing that you have to clarify your personal information, including user name and password, for some security reason. You click the link provided, then typing the information requested and send them. A few hours later, suddenly you can't access the account. Or say you can, but nothing is left. You are broke.

The above short story is only a simple example to show how phishing works. A phisher sends fake email pretending from a big company, ask you to fill information about an account to steal your money.

Checking the email originality from analyzing the email header is not a method everyone know. Luckily, a software labeled Iconix solves the problem in an easy way.

How it works?
With Iconix installed, incoming email is verified for its authenticity. When the verification result is positive, email is checked against the list of registered senders with Iconix, Inc. Then, after everything is passed successfully, the email is displayed with a check-lock icon.

As you can see in the picture, Truemark certificate for the sender shows up when you mouse over the check-lock.

There are over 300 websites registered currently. You can request new websites to be added in the list.

Iconix eMail ID works with Internet Explorer 5.0+, Internet Explorer 7 RC 1, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and Windows® XP/2000. It is free for consumers.
[ Iconix ]

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