The Fastest Way to Make A New Folder Within Windows Explorer!

Unlike other softwares that usually give the command within the Windows explorer menu-context, freeware bxNewFolder offers the fastest way to create new folder since it allows you to make a new folder only by pressing keyboard button F12. No longer you need to scroll through your crowded right-click menu while trying to catch where the location is.

If it happens that the button is already used for another program's command, you can map the keyboard's shortcut using a key-mapping software or hit the grey folder icon lying on the explorer's toolbar.

For a little advanced usage, hit the button icon located next to New subfolder's dialog to make the new folder within another location. After creating, hold SHIFT while pressing the OK button to navigate directly into the created folder.

I just wish that the user is given option whether or not to close the dialog box after creating a folder. Because it gets closed immediately afterward, we can't make several new folders repeatedly at once.

Website: BaxBex
For: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP
Note: At the publisher's website, you need to scroll down to the middle to find it

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