Five Ways to Open Firefox Tabs Quickly

1. If you want to open a new tab, use this shortcut key: Ctrl + T.

Say you are opening many tabs that makes some of them are automatically hidden. You have to scroll left to find and click the first tab to open it. Now, use one of four tricks below to open your tab faster.

2. Click the down arrow icon located on the right corner of tab bar. A list of opened tabs will be displayed. Click any item you want to open.

3. Install Tab Mix Plus. Then, open the option menu and click Tab Bar menu. Find when tabs don't fit width, click the arrow to display the item listed and choose Multi-row. Below the option you will see Max. number of rows to display. Set a number.

With this configuration, tabs that don't fit width of the tab bar are displayed in other rows. You can, therefore, easily and quickly find all tabs. Explore this extension features to get more on tweaking Firefox tab.

4. Use Ctrl + (1 to 8) to select a tab based on its position on tab bar. For example, press Ctrl + 1 to open the first tab, and Ctrl + 3 to open the third.

What about the Ctrl + 9? It is used to open the last tab, not the ninth one.
What if I open, let's say, 10 ? How do I open the tenth? You can use the following tips.

5. Use Ctrl + Page Down to go to the next tab, and Ctrl + Page Up to go to the previous.

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