How to Prevent Firefox Tabs Gets Closed Accidentally

How many times have you closed the tabs unintentionally? How many times you have to restore these tabs back to their previous state? And probably the most important is how much times have you wasted waiting for the reloading Time is invaluable and irreplaceable, even if it is only one second. Firefox itself has several solutions to deal with this time-wasting situation, so why don't you take a look, and try at least one of them later on?

Don't use mouse

The simplest way to keep this "accident" from ever being happened again is stop navigating the tabs using your mouse. Instead, maximize the use of keyboard by utilizing these 6 shortcuts. Unless you get a sudden daydreaming, it is quite impossible you press the Ctrl+W hotkey by chance. Ctrl+W is the default hotkey for closing tab in Firefox.

Remove the close button

Get TabMixPlus installed. Reason? It gives more options for you to pick the most convenient way to manage the button's display behavior. The option I suggest you to take is:

1. After installation, open it and go to [Display] menu.
2. Within [Tab] tab, find [Close tab button] option. Clear the check mark away.
3. Click [Ok] to exit.

Immediately after you click the [Ok] button, the change is applied. The button for all tabs is removed from the display. You can close tab using the Ctrl+W.

If you feel this is just not the option for you, keep the mark checked and you have four more to pick one: on all tabs wider than (set the size) , on current (tab), on pointed for (set the time), on current and pointed for (set the time).

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