Let's Compress PDF to the Smallest Size

PDF Compressor is a Windows freeware that lets you to compress PDF documents by removing some unnecessary elements. It offers two compression algorithms, Flate and RunLength, and the possibility to decompress what you have compressed before.

To see how far its compression's capability can go, I tried to compress a PDF document containing a lot of images using the maximum level and Flate algorithm. The result, first ebook's 18,350KB down to 17,253KB with no significant change in page elements quality. The compression process itself ran relatively fast.

This tiny software is good enough when you need to, for example, transfer or upload a pdf file to an online storage. Combined with other compression softwares like IZARC or ZIPGenius, you will be able to get the smallest size so it can be transferred faster.

Still, use it cautiously. Whenever possible, always check the compressed pages to see if you loose anything too much, and backup first.

Windows Software Buzz, Wednesday, September 5, 2007 At 10:11 AM - Permalink
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