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This freeware FileMenuTools is probably the next best addition to the 6 Sexiest Ways to Pimp Windows Right-Click Menu to Access Files Faster. Why? Because it adds 24 useful functions you can freely select from, accompanied with the ability to make your own command, remove the commands you want from the display, and manage the Send-to menu.

For arrangement purpose, there are five things you can do:
1. Group all the commands created within the FileMenuTools submenu, or display all of them directly.
2. Add separator for grouping
3. Add submenu for hiding and grouping
4. Remove the commands you don't want to display
5. Move any commands up or down

And here you are some of the interesting options you can get:

Display the size of folders and drives
The size will be displayed in a pop-up window. Though it isn't resizable, you still can find which folders consume the most space from the representative colored icon. The look also fairly nice to me.

Delete Locked File
Sometimes there is a file gets mysteriously locked without knowing how it happens and which program does it, so it can't be deleted using the norm way. This option lets you to get it deleted for the next system boot before any application locks it.

Advanced Delete
Right-click on any single or several folders/drives and find or delete any filetype based on your filter using wildcards.

Advanced Renamer
It packs adequate features to do everyday renaming such as uppercase to lowercase, equipped with some powerful options. The use of regular expression, for example.

Copy Content
Anyone can copy content of a file simply by right-clicking on it and select this command. If it is a folder, then all the names of the subfolders and files within wil be copied to clipboard.

I download this freeware yesterday. Hence, I have no enough time to try all of the features. The most useful command I find at present is its ability to make custom commands. Like copy or move files/folders to any pre-defined locations (see screenshot above). You can add a specific external application command as well.

Website: LopeSoft
For: Windows XP/Vista

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