Improving Firefox Tab Navigation by Giving Numbers on Tabs

In my post about ways to open Firefox tabs quickly, one of the tricks is by pressing Ctrl + (1-9). The weakness of this shortcut usage is when you open many tabs. Which one is the 5th, or the 7th tab? This shortcut is made for speeding up the browsing, but if the tabs themselves only have the close buttons and don't have any "ID", how one can be expected to know which is which? If you force to use this shortcut when having many tabs opened, you end up counting from tab to tab. Tell me then, is it quicker or slower than to use mouse to open?

Luckily, Chris Gaunt was aware about this flaw and is giving the solution away to public. His work, called Fancy Numbered Tabs, is a Firefox extension that replaces the close button with number. The numbers are of course depend on the each tab's position (see screenshot below).

To close the buttons you still can use the combination of Ctrl + W. Or, you can mouse over the tab to display the close icon to click.

For a reminder, Ctrl + 9 doesn't mean that you open the 9th tab. It is to open the last tab by default.

Download for Firefox 2.0 to 3.0a9

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