Put Customizable Clock on Desktop

Custom Skin Clock lets you to place an analog clock on your desktop.

What can you do with it?

- put a favorite image as the clock's background
- the image can be zoomed and its position is adjustable
- change the color of clock hands and frame
- change the size and color of the clockface number
- make it transparent and the transparency is adjustable
- make it bigger or smaller

I see this as an alternative way to make your desktop more beautiful and interactive. I love to see my favorite image on the background of the clock. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer other frames such as triangle or other shapes. However, it is still nice to see how the clock integrates with your desktop environment.

Publisher: UpClock Software
License: Freeware
For: Windows

Go to the homepage to get the newest version

Windows Software Buzz, Tuesday, November 27, 2007 At 1:42 PM - Permalink
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