Take Screenshot of Entire Web Page Within Firefox Browser

There are a number of free screen capturers out there offering you the capability to grab a screenshot of a web page, but most of them only capture the visible area. Only a few can grab the entire page. Unfortunately, I sometimes find problem with the result of the capturing. Even some well-known commercial products I have tried don't do well about taking a screenshot of entire web page.

Now, I find another free screen capturer that works as a Firefox extension, Fireshot. It is definitely the one you should use if you want just to take an image of a web page. As it is specially designed for the purpose, the operation is very simple and straightforward.

After installation, you should find two commands within your right-click menu in Firefox:
- Take screenshot (entire page)...
- Take screenshot (visible area)...

Choose what you need and click it to start the action. The capturing process, especially for entire page, is faster than the other screen capturers I have used before.

Some simple editing tools are also available to:
- add any explanatory element to the captured image like giving annotation
- applying certain effects such as glowing or blurring selected text
- crop an area in eclipsed or rectangle shape

The result can be saved in jpeg, png, bitmaps, and compressed bitmap.

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