Add Preview Mode to Firefox Tab Contents with Tab Scope

You open many tabs at one time... so many that almost each tab's width doesn't fit the page title. Then you don't remember or you just have no idea anymore which is which. You click a tab you think the correct one, but not. You click another tab again and again until the page is finally found.

Does the above situation example sound a little bit extreme?

May be. Still, even if you don't do the "accidental" clicks that many, some of your time is spent uselessly clicking the wrong tabs, not the mention the likeliness of unexpectedly pressing the close buttons.

It is what is called as Tab Scope that can probably help you to deal with the situation. With this extension, you will have the ability to preview a tab's content in a pop-up screen by hovering your mouse over the tab.

Its option allows you to:
  • configure the preview's delay time
  • resize the preview screen
  • display the preview beneath or on top of tab bar
  • show pop-up for contigous tabs with no delay
  • not to show the pop-up for current tab
Windows Software Buzz, Sunday, December 16, 2007 At 12:15 PM - Permalink
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