Check Disk Space Usage in Windows with Visdir

While there is a vast array of junk file cleaners out there, the time will eventually come that you need more. Junk files aren't enough, you want more to delete. Then you find a problem. Which files are actually taking up your disk space?

Unless you're having much spare time to spend on browsing the folders and files one by one, I suggest you to use Visdir. It is a free program that can analyze your files and present the scanning result in convenient displays.

Why should download Visdir?
  • The scanning is quite fast - More than 4000 folders, which of course contain more files, need less than 2 minutes for the complete scan.
  • Nice result representation - The scanning report is graphically presented in form of pie, horizontal, or vertical bar. In the pie chart, each file or folder has different color. When you put your mouse cursor on any of the colors, or the bars, some information such as the size of file and folder is displayed at the bottom part of the program's window.
  • Full or partial scan - You can choose to scan all drives including removable disk or just a single drive.
  • Small files grouping - If a folder contains too many files, the chart may get cluttered. When this is the case, combine the smaller-size files into one container called 'other'. This can be configured in its preferences window.
  • Direct access to folder. You can go directly to the selected folder in Windows explorer from within this program.
Though it is an old program and long there is no update, I found this still a handy help to check what files exactly are consuming much of my disk space; besides, I haven't found a better one yet up to now.

Visdir is compatible with Windows version 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.

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