Delete Temp Files with G-Lock Temp Cleaner

Why should you delete temp files? Because it can waste a lot of megabytes of your disk space and cause more file fragmentation which makes Windows runs slow. Temp files that are in use cannot be deleted until the related program which creates them stops running. Unfortunately, many programs still leave these garbage files on your hard drive after they stop running, leaving you accumulated junk files from time to time.

Now, instead of telling you how to clean up this garbage files manually, I'll recommend you to use a software called G-Lock Temp Cleaner. It is free and easy to use, has a sweet look, and accompanied with several options to give you more control in cleaning up temp files.

The sweet things you can get from this freeware are:
  • it has already picked up the common junk files so you don't have to add anything in the type filter area if you don't know what file types should be added
  • you can freely add any additional temp file types to be scanned for
  • ability to scan only temp files older than the current day
  • add your own folder if you have one with files needed to be removed regularly
  • 2 options in erasing the scanned temp files: move to reycle bin so you can restore the files if you have to or don't move them at all
  • ability to scan ZIP files to be deleted as well
  • add profiles for different task of deletion
  • exclude some temp file types from removal
G-lock Temp Cleaner works for any of Windows 32 version (Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP).

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