How to Defrag Multiple Drives At Once

It would be nice if Windows built-in defragmentation tool can defrag several drives at a time, but unfortunately it doesn't allow you to do so. Speedefrag, on the other hand, makes you possible to defrag all the drives at once.

Here is what you can do with the program:
  • You can choose whichever drives you want to defrag.
  • It also has options to restart or shut down Windows after the defragmentation process is finished.
  • The schedule menu lets you to run the defrag automatically after a specified time or after X hours
  • It can be minimized to tray
The serious lack from this program is that to be able to use its schedule capability you have to run it all the time. It means your PC must run 24/7 (24 hours every day). If you turn off your computer or close the program, the schedule that you have set will be automatically disabled.

I myself only use it if I found that several drives of mine are very fragmented, and if I'm just too lazy to defrag them one by one. By the way, you still have to use Windows built-in defragmenter to do the fragmentation analysis.

OS supported: Windows Vista/XP
License: Freeware
Version reviewed: 5.2

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