How to Find Windows Error Codes Meanings Fast

When your Windows system somehow gets trouble and display an error code, you may write it down on a paper or copy it and then go to the Microsoft official site to lookup for the meaning. Some of you may like this way, but some others may prefer to have another way. Imagine you have the meaning for each error code right on your desktop, wouldn't it be nice?

Now, how to do it?

Just use the Gregory Braun's freeware called Error Messages for Windows.

Error Messages for Windows is a small utility that will help you to find the descriptive meaning of Windows error codes without having to crawl over the Microsot site. When you get an error code, you just run it and type the code within the specified column (see screenshot below). The result will be displayed without delay at all. No need to press Enter or any button.

At the Error Code List tab, you can find a complete list of error codes together with the meanings. It enables you to print the list as well. Press the Print button and it will produce the list in a HTML file for you to be printed.

It supports Windows 95/98, ME, XP, Vista, 2000 or Windows NT.

---------------------------------------- Summary:
This software enables you to:
1. lookup each error code meaning quickly
2. read and print the list of error codes

---------------------------------------------- Note:
  • Not all error codes displayed on your screen are available in this utility because some are generated by individual applications that doesn't map to a spesific Windows error code. Visit the application's developer site to find spesific information about the codes when this situation happens.
  • Error message like QA 87F35E49 isn't an error code, it is just a message pointing you out the memory location in which the error takes place.
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