Minimize, Maximize, Close, and Restore All Windows in Two Clicks with Iconize

Two days ago I posted about how to close all windows at once. This current post basically has the same idea, but uses different approach which is better, faster, and can be used for some other similar tasks.

Still remember the past tip? You've got to click every taskbar button to be able to close all at one time. Not so hard, isn't it? But I guess most of us are just too lazy that we always search for a quicker way to do everything, right? Or maybe you just want a more practical way in anything so you can do much much more in one day.

So, here is the simple solution: use Iconize.

Iconize works from the system tray. Double-click it, and all windows are minimized. Right-click it, and it will pop-up several options: minimize, maximize, restore, or close all windows, accompanied with a list of every window's title. If you click a window's title within the list, the related window will be iconized (minimized) to tray, which can be restored simply by double-clicking the icon.

Since Windows XP provides us a built-in shortcut to show the desktop, which is Win key + D, I use Iconize mostly for closing all running windows, and sometimes iconize several windows to reduce the taskbar clutter when I open too many of them.

Note that the iconized window will be disappeared at Alt + tab dialog as well. It means the clutter is also gone from the Alt + tab, helping you to be more focused on your current task if you use the dialog to jump from window to window.

Iconize supports Windows 98 and newer versions, and it is free to download and use.

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