Portable Free Anti Keylogger to Protect Your Password

Keylogger is a serious threat for your privacy safety. It records anything you type and save it in a log which will be transferred to the person who installed the keylogger on your computer. Your password, user name, what you type in forms... anything you type won't be a secret anymore.

Safekeys is a free program that comes to the rescue. It is a virtual keyboard where you type text using mouse instead of the keyboard. Since you don't use the keyboard, keylogger can't steal what you type. This program is particularly useful when you use a public computer.

How to Use
What you type with this program is displayed within its text box in form of asterisks. Select, drag and drop it onto, for example, the password box of your online bank login form.

Safekeys is a standalone program, so you can have it with you wherever you go.

Windows Software Buzz, Thursday, December 20, 2007 At 12:42 PM - Permalink
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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I've got a software which has the option of virtual keyboard for protection installed on my desktop, it's an additional option and in general it's an effective anti-keylogger, PrivacyKeyboard, I think the programs like Safekeys and PrivacyKeyboard are worth running, because at times their protection can be of vital importance.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

wow cool idea, it can protect my passwords from key logger, clipboard logger and mouse logger. but I don't trust that software 100% because the software is free and you did not say that the software will not send my password to any server out there.
And I suggest you add some feature such as it can save and reuse typed password so we can type it at home and use it at public computer (so we can protect our password from screen-recorder / remote screen watcher too).


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