Recover Lost or Deleted Partition and Mount It for Free with Partition Find and Mount

Does one of your partition suddenly disappear? Or is it accidentally deleted when you're playing around with some software? This Windows freeware makes anyone possible to restore any lost partition as long as its file system doesn't have severe damage and the related hard drive has no physical damage. It supports all versions of FAT and NTFS.

It is safe for your data and easy to use, involving only a few clicks to make all done. In some easy cases, this software can find a lost partition fast. Like a partition whose problem only corrupted MBR (Master Boot Record), the developer claims that it can be brought back to you in a second.

I haven't any chance to try it out yet since I have no a lost partition. Nonetheless, I decided to announce this Partition Find and Mount here because I see it as an easy, straight-forward way for an average Joe who doesn't so familiar with his computer stuff to restore the lost partition so he can have back his, if any, important data.

How it works?
  • It will automatically list all drives found in the first running.
  • To start the recovery, right click on the the drive where the partition is contained, and select [Scan] command. All the partitions, including the lost one, will be displayed together later on.
  • After the partition is found, you can mount it by right-click it and select [Mount as...]. A message dialog will pop up asking you to assign a drive letter to the partition, accompanied by an option to see it in the Windows explorer.
In steps 2, after you click the [Scan] command, you will be asked to choose one from three scanning methods, which are:
  • Fast Intellectual Scan - the fastest scanning.
  • Normal Scan - scan all disk area but partitions created by non-standard partitioning software may not be found.
  • Thorough Scan - if you aren't successful with the normal scan
This tool also allows you to create and save an image from every partition or the entire disk.

Note: it is free for personal use.

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