Send Online Invitation with Lots of Features with Amiando

Amiando: a free service letting you to publicize and invite people to your private or professional event by a free and customizable website with your own web address and by sending personalized email.

"Send free online invitations with amiando or open a ticket shop and start your own online presale"

The website, or let's say your online invitation page, can be designed easily as it provides about 40 free templates to choose from. You can create your own design if you want to. The address of your invitation page will be "'. It enables you to add photos, guest list, message board, and carpools to the page. Moreover, there is a preview function to check how your invitation page looks like before its official launching.

While the online invitation page has the option to be registered with search engines, online invitation can also be send out via personalized email.

For bloggers, you can promote your invitation page at your blog by adding buttons and widgets.

Amiando allows you to track who accept/decline your invitation via what is called participant list. This list will show you all the replies of those invited.

There are still more nice options for you to check out at Amiando site like the possibility to create an online ticket shop.

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