Adobe Reader Too Slow But Still Want to Keep It? Reduce Its Loading Time Easily To Make It Faster With Adobe Reader Speed Up

While there are other smaller PDF Readers that can load PDF file faster, Adobe Reader is still used by some people for some reason. Lacking of some features needed, or an occurred problem when opening certain PDF documents, are just the reasons among any other possible reasons. If you happen in any situation that forces you to back using the Adobe Reader, try to use this free program to help increasing the loading speed.

Adobe Reader Speed-Up offers multiple ways of the acceleration. In the Tweaks section, for example, you can disable several settings such as killing the display of the little advert located on the top right of the Reader window, disable the splash screen, and prevent automatic update. The other way, which is the main function of this program, is that it allows you to disable the plugins.

The plugins can be manually disabled just by checking the appropriate boxes. It provides you information about each plugin as well to help you deciding whether it is necessary or not and to know whether there is any dependency among each other or not. There are also several quick modes where you can apply some plugins arrangement in just one click.

All in all, this is a big help for anyone that has to use Adobe Reader for some reading purpose. And it will probably provide a greater help if on the next updated version it lets the user to save settings under different profiles. This way the user can make different profiles for different reading tasks, and activating the currently needed setting in one click only. Unfortunately, there is no update at all since 9th December 2006.

Installation: Not required
OS supported: Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP
License: Free

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