Analyze Disk Capacity Usage in Windows with Xinorbis

Xinorbis scans folders and/or drives to analyze how they occupy your disk space and exposes the result in chart and text. To get more detail information, several display options along with the comparison feature are ready to use.

The main thing to note from this freeware is that instead of displaying the files themselves in the scan result, it shows them in several groups. For example, doc and txt are grouped within "office", while zip and rar are arranged into "compressed" section. There are several groups available by default, but you can also add some custom groups. The extension included for each group can be freely deleted or added.

The scan speed itself was good for the 5.13GB partition of mine with not so many files, but it took a few minutes to get completed when scanning the 7.81GB partition with more than 7000 folders containing extremely huge small-size files. In other words, the speed depends on how many files are kept within the drive, not on the size of the files.

The scan result can be saved in several formats such as html or xml document as well.

You don't have to open the main window to analyze a folder since Xinorbis integrates itself with Windows explorer right-click menu. Every time you right-click a folder, a command says "Examine this with Xinorbis3" appears.

All in all...

Since files are categorized in groups, the only way to find out the actual large files is from the "Top 50" display option. This view enables you to quickly find the top 50 largest and the top 50 smallest files. From this point, I can conclude that Xinorbis is perfect only when you want to check out what file types are actually consuming the most of your disk capacity, or if you want to view the files structure based on the file types.

In short, Xinorbis can provide a quick answer to a question like, "is it 'graphic' or 'multimedia' files that are responsible for the large use of my disk space?" or "Which folder has the largest file size?"

OS supported: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Version reviewed: 3.4.2
Download link: Xinorbis

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Great little tool.. well done. saved tons of time. fooling around trying to find out where the big disk hogs were.. this did it in seconds


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