Color Code Picker With Custom Profile For Personal Palettes

There are a lot of free color picker programs out there, but so far this one still my most favorite program to grab color codes on screen. The outstanding feature of it is that you can create your own palette as many as you like. Let's say you're grabbing color codes of a photo called "Family On Vacation 2". You can simply make a profile with the same exact name containing all the color codes you capture from the photo.

The most benefit of this custom palette capability is that you are possible to know instantly from where the colors are taken, and someday you can take a look at the sources again as a sort of reference to see how the colors are perfectly composed together. Keep in mind, however, that you only have up to 16 color boxes for each palette you create.

In case the colors you pick are for website design purpose, they can be changed to be the nearest web safe colors. And if you aren't satisfied with a color, there are multiple ways to do some mixing like by using the honeycomb of hexagonal shapes, rainbow or hue based mixer, individual color sliders, or experimenting with the code numbers themselves directly.

As you can see from the screenshot, the main window of this app, which is called ColorPic, is separated into different sections. To maximize its usage effectiveness and efficiency, each section can be hidden from display simply by pressing the tiny "x" buttons.

To start it, select an empty box of a palette, and press Ctrl+G to capture a color. If you want to delete the color you've taken, just select the box and press Ctrl+G again.

Up to now, I've never seen other similar free programs that allow you to make custom palette like what it does. This great feature, accompanied with its ease of use, simplicity, elegant look, small size, and portability, has won my heart over and over again to keep using it all the time.

OS supported: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP
License: Free

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