Correct Misspelled Words With tinySpell, A Spell Checking Freeware

It is great to have a built-in spell checker within your word processor or text editor program, but unfortunately not all have it. I myself use Keynote (highly recommended) all the time, occasionally WordPad or Notepad, to create posts for my blog and to write long emails. At the current version I'm using (1.6.5), Keynote doesn't have the checker. So this tinySpell helps me a lot to monitor any misspelled word and correct it instantly when I'm typing.

How does it help you?
Every time you incorrectly type a word, it immediately sounds a beep error warning. Then you can replace the word manually, or press the hotkey to open up the list of replacement words to choose the most appropriate one and hit Enter to replace. If the most top word isn't the right one, easily pick and click another with your mouse.

If a word doesn't recognized by the built-in dictionary, you can add it so the app won't beep anymore in the future when the word is typed.

Can it check and replace more than one word at once?
You can scan a whole document, or a list of words, by copying it to the clipboard. Press Ctrl+C and tinySpell will beep when any misspelled word is found. Left-click the program's icon in the tray or hit the hotkey to display the incorrect words one by one.

The bad is that here you can't click any of the suggested words; you have to do the replacement manually. And after you do it, the same word--that has been corrected by hand--is still displayed on the list. The only way to go the next found word is to select the "ignore" option.

Other features you may want to know
  • Hotkey is available and customizable for enabling/disabling the beep and the program itself, and to display the list of the replacement words.
  • The beep sound can also be personally customized.
  • On the developer's page it is stated that the built-in dictionary has more than 110,000 words.
All in all...

For me, this is a great program to fill the lack of the built-in spell checker of a word processor. It saves my time a lot as I can immediately correct the misspelled. Before using tinySpell, I had to scan and re-scan each of my finished document for any mistakenly typed words. Highly recommended.

OS supported: Windows
Version reviewed: 1.6.010
Memory used: around 240KB
Download link: tinySpell

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