Disable Windows Features For Better Performance and Privacy In One Place With XP-AntiSpy

Are you concerned with the privacy of your computer? What you may not know before is that a privacy risk can be caused by the default Windows setting itself. This small, free program called XP-AntiSpy lets you to disable those features that can possibly put you into danger in an easy way. Some of the Windows built-in features can increase system performance as well if disabled.

Every time you hover your mouse cursor over a feature, a brief explanation of its function will be displayed to prevent you disabling the features you still need.

What features can you disable with XP-AntiSpy? Check some of them below.
  • disable automatic update
  • uninstal windows media player and windows messenger
  • disable error reports
  • stop crawling the network at system start if your computer doesn't connect to any network
  • prevent media player from automatically downloading any needed codec from the internet
  • turning off the remote desktop support
  • block access to registry
  • disable autoplay when a cd is inserted
  • history of recent files opened can be automatically cleaned every time you shut down computer
  • block access to ActiveX control
  • and many more...
Don't want to instal anything? Then use its portable version.

OS supported: Windows XP/Vista
License: Freeware

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