Free Advanced Font Viewer for Windows: Cfont Pro

Imagine you have to select the most perfect fonts to use for a design project. Or, imagine you have to view certain fonts, each in different sizes, to find out how they look like in various sizes. What will you do? Open up your favorite text editor, type some phrases, then change the fonts and sizes one by one? Or go to your font folder in the control panel and click one after another to display each?

The real values of this software, Cfont Pro, is that it lets you to add, delete, backup, view, and compare fonts in one place. Its many features makes you possible to do almost anything with fonts. You can even know who designs and the license of each of the fonts, and some other additional related information.

I myself like the fact that I can preview all installed fonts at once with text, size, and color of my choice. Or, preview only my favorite fonts for a more specific comparation.

With all of its capabilities, Cfont Pro is eventually also helpful for you to reduce the size of installed fonts in your system. Since you can display the whole fonts installed much easier than the usual way, you will know which should be uninstalled and which should stay in a quick glance. What is more, you can preview fonts from external drive storage to help you making decision of whether to install the fonts or not.

OS supported: Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista
Download link: Cfont Pro

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