How Fast Can You Type? Test, See, and Learn or Improve Typing Skill With Maxtype

Wanna see how fast you can type? Why? Just to satisfy your curiosity, or you want to improve your typing skill?

Maxtype Lite Typing Tutor
I have found this software a long time ago, but yet haven't been able to discover another better. Just to remind you, it's completely free. Use it if you want to have a comprehensive typing statistic and report, and if you want to learn or improving your typing skill to the next level.

How does it help you?
# The typewriter interface
The most useful part from it for a beginner is the virtual hands. It helps a lot in terms of fingers placement. If you're supposed to type "c", then the left virtual hand marks its middle finger with a mini red circle, telling you that it is the best finger to type it.

As for the most of the other parts, basically they serve as a real-time statistic. My suggestion is don't bother yourself with them as you will be able to see it later on the report section after you finish the typing.

# The typing mode

It has two of them: typing test and extreme. The first is made to help a beginner learning to type and for all user levels to produce reports and diplomas. While the second is to compete in speed against your own record.

The extreme mode requires you to already have completed at least one typing task. This typing task's record will be used as your opponent.

Need more challenge? The replay speed of your opponent's typing can be doubled so you'll have to type faster to come out as the winner.

Some other features you may want to know
  • Keyboard layout supported: US QWERTY, DVORAK, AZERTY, Russian.
  • Ability to create multiple accounts with separate configurable settings.
  • Typing speed unit can be changed to CPM (characters/min), CPS (characters/sec), or WPM (words/min).
  • It has some built-in training materials, but you can create your own. Each of the provided material has its own words complexity, you can even choose to learn typing codes of some programming languages such as Perl, Java, Pascal, Assembler.
  • All your completed typing are recorded and archived
  • The report includes your typing speed, accuracy, error amount, and some other details.
  • Ability to replay your finished typing-process.
All in all...
It does have some notable limitations like the lack of the ability to compare the reports side by side, the text dialog box can't be displayed in full-screen, and some tiny errors when I chose one of my records to compete with in extreme mode.

But to gain the expertise of typing fast without looking at the keyboard... this is the free tool I'd recommend others to use--at least until I discover a better one.

By the way, you can also see the diploma of mine produced by Maxtype Lite.

OS supported:
License: Freeware
Version reviewed: 1.6.22

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I don't think that this will help anybody. To learn to type fast, all you need is practice. Don't waste your money on any typing programs, when you can just practice yourself on a word processer!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I totally agree! Just commenting on this will help more than the program that they are trying to get people to buy!

Blogger Zaxta Says:

Have you read the whole post? This typing helper application is a freeware.

It means you don't need to spend any single dime on it.


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