Open Folder Fast With Shortcut Key

Dirkey lets you to bookmark your frequently opened folders as many as needed, and apply different hotkeys for 10 folders. You can launch the bookmarked folder not only from Windows explorer, but also inside the Common Open/Save File dialog, Browse For Folder dialog, MS Office 95 - 2003 File dialog, MyComputer, and Visual Studio .NET File dialog.

To associate a folder with a hotkey, you can use Ctrl+Alt+0 up to Ctrl+Alt+9. For example, choose a folder in Open/Save Dialog or Windows explorer and press Ctrl+Alt+2. Later on, you can launch this folder simply by pressing Ctrl+2 (no need to include the Alt anymore) in Open/Save As Dialog. But in Windows explorer you should press Ctrl+Shift+2.

Ability to apply a shortcut key to a folder is definitely the fastest way to open the folders we are used to work with though you undeniably have to remember which hotkeys open which folders. Besides, It uses only a tiny amount of memory, resources and disk space.

OS supported: Windows 98 / ME / NT4(SP4+) / 2000 / XP
License: Freeware

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