Check LCD Screen For Dead Or Defective Pixel

LCD PixelsOK is a free checker to look for, if any, dead or defective pixel on your LCD monitor. It works by filling the screen with one of the colors that make up a pixel which makes you easy to check if there is a spot on screen that doesn't display the color correctly.

You can either download and install it into your computer, or you can download the portable version so you can keep it within your flash drive or other external storage drives to, for example, check a monitor condition you're about to buy. It is very easy to use even for a novice as you only have to click it to start operating the program, pick the color and moving from one to another by clicking the color you want, and look at the LCD screen to ensure that there is no any area that display the selected color incorrectly.

LCD PixelsOK is another simple-but-helpful free program for dealing with one of hardware common problems, which in this case is the color stability of LCD monitor screen.

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