Free Background Wallpaper Rotation With WallMaster

WallMaster is another free program for rotating wallpaper automatically on your desktop. The rotation is either every X minutes (e.g. every 5 minutes) or every Windows startup, and it lets you to play your own sound for a sort of notification every time a rotation takes place. The developer's site doesn't inform the whole of its features, so read the following features if you want a quick glance of what you actually can get from this freeware.

  • Screen resolution - here you can choose which screen resolution you want the wallpapers to be displayed (automatic, 16 or 256 colors, or 24 bits).
  • Wallpaper position - tired of manually setting up different position for diffferent wallpaper through the Dekstop properties every time one is displayed? In WallMaster you can pre-configure the position of each or all of the wallpapers (tile, center, fit to screen, custom, autofit).
  • Random rotation - besides rotating wallpapers orderly, it also enables you to rotate wallpapers in random order.
  • Invalid wallpaper checker - this feature, if enabled, commands the program to automatically check for any invalid wallpaper and remove it from the list.
  • Duplicate wallpaper management - whether you want to allow duplicates on the list or not is up to you.
  • Suspend - the wallpaper rotation can automatically be suspended if a screensaver is running.
Note that you can only add up to 50 wallpapers in a single list. Luckily, it allows you to create multiple lists so you still can insert all of your wallpapers. The images it supports are BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, PCX, TGA, and WMF, and it works on Windows platform.

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