Has My Email Been Read? Check It With SpyPig

How many times you have asked it to yourself after you send an email to someone but no reply for days? Isn't it nice to have the ability to check the status of your email if it has been read so you can stop asking that over and over again to yourself without answer? But how can you know if your email has been read?

SpyPig makes it happens for you. It notifies you by email as soon as your friend, or the recipient, opens your email.

All steps are displayed in one page with detailed instruction from entering your email address to receive the notification, give a title to the message to be able to identify it later among other messages sent, pick one image available (these images contain the tracking code) which must be inserted into your message.

It works with Gmail, Outlook, Eudora, Yahoo Email, and others. Note that since it uses images as the tracking facilitator the sender and the recipient are required to use HTML format when creating and reading the message. Select the white blank image if you plan to send a sort of an official message or if simply you don't comfortable with the other images options. I wish someday it will let us to pick our own image.

This service makes me wonder why those popular free email services don't include this function. To some extent, for an important message like sending an application letter to a company, this kind of function should be very useful to check if your email has been read. If it hasn't for weeks, then you probably can send another new letter or perhaps you take different approach to let the company knows about your sent application.

It is free to use. Nice.

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