Learn to Type Faster With A Portable Typing Freeware

A free program to achieve the maximum typing speed with a sequence of training materials in a simple and straightforward yet pleasing user interface combined with an optionally animated screen. That is Rapid Typing Tutor.

The first time you see the interface design you probably think that this is perfectly suitable for kids only. I can't blame you for think so because, in fact, I did think the same way. But when I tried to use it, learn all the features offered, it managed to change my mind. And perhaps you will, too.

Yes, the skin is eye-catching as you can see it for yourself right now. There is another skin in its configuration panel, and more to download for free at the author's homepage. The screen is on the right side with a colorful, animated underwater world background, which is resizable if later you find it not large enough. While on the left side, you can access all the training materials and your typing statistics.

By default it hides the virtual keyboard. To display it press the little arrow on the bottom right corner. This virtual keyboard is accompanied with virtual hands helping you to know exactly which fingers should be used when typing a character. Before you type, the appropriate finger will be hovering over the character button, letting you know that it is the best finger you should use to get the fastest speed in typing.

Let's check out the other features:
  • The lessons are divided into six sections from the simplest to the complicated: Letters, Syllables, Capitals, Words, Digits and Symbols, and Texts. Each has its own materials. You can pick any of them, and, additionally, you can create your own typing material.
  • The animation can be turned off if it slows down your computer.
  • The keyboard scheme can be replaced by others.
  • The program's functions can be activated by hotkeys.
  • Supports multiple users with different personal settings, and multi-language interface.
  • Automatically pause the typing timer if you move to another pogram, and auto save every uncompleted typing task on exit.
I love how it looks like, but the typing report desperately needs improvement. Yes, you still can compare today's record with yesterday's. However, the compared items are only three elements (speed in CPM/WPM, accuracy, and the finishing time) with very little information for each. You can compare today's speed with yesterday's speed, but if it doesn't display the words amount of both how one can accurately know that today's achievement is better than another day's for the same words quantity? Moreover, the file name of the finished material isn't displayed either so there isn't any clue of whether you compare the same or different materials. Comparison by dates only?

Nonetheless, this freeware is relatively a good choice for you who need simplicity in the process but with a pleasant view to get a sort of fun typing lesson. Especially perfect for the very beginner typers as most of the materials (letters, syllables, capitals, words, digits and symbols) are made to "train" your fingers to be used to on the right place. When you're ready, you can pick any more-complex documents from outside the program.

By the way, there is a portable version so you don't need to do any installation. It supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

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