Make Attractive HTML Photo Album With 18 Free Photo Templates

If you prefer to make a static HTML photo gallery instead of a flash slideshow to publicize on your website, you may like AAA Photo Album as I do. It is by default has already produced a stylish gallery without you need to make any modification to the page created.

You can add pictures as many as you want, select one template from the 18 cool templates or frames for them and make some necessary customizations (like the frame's thickness, roundness, 3D look strength and texture), configure how many of them should appear in one page, arrange their orders (which should appear first, second, and so on), do some rotations, insert image copyright, limit the JPEG quality, rename each image's title, etc. And when everything is already set up, the result can be uploaded directly using its built-in upload client to your FTP server.

This program is perfect for creating a HTML photo gallery without having to write any HTML code. Of course you are still able to completely modify the page if you know HTML and CSS codes. All in all, you will find no complicated steps in finishing all the steps required, which already speaks for itself why there isn't any help documentation included in the program.

It is a freeware and works on Windows Vista / XP / 98 / Me / NT / 2000.

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