Optimize Windows Performance and Monitor System Changes With WinPatrol

How do you know your computer system changes because of a malicious program? You can wait until the system gives you error every time you want to execute a certain task, or you can detect the attacks earlier before it becomes a serious problem by downloading and installing WinPatrol.

WinPatrol is a free program that sits in your tray area to monitor your system condition in repetition every X minutes and alert you whenever a change is detected on your internet host and critical system files. It can also be set to check if your default browser home page and search pages has been changed by any malicious program. If it alerts you that your homepage or search pages has been hijacked, you can view the running processes in its Active Task section to check if there is any suspicious program being active in the background.

It allows you to check and review the cookies being stored by your web browser, too. Manage cookies to keep what you want and to remove or disable the ones you don't need becomes much easier with WinPatrol for it lets you to delete cookies either manually, or automatically based on your designated keyword in the Cookie Filters list.

Besides giving you power to monitor your start-up list, you can improve the speed of the system startup time by disable or remove the ones unnecessary, or by delaying the activation in case you still need some programs to launch automatically on startup but don't want them to be started immediately. Great feature if you have many programs in your startup list.

Other functions lends you the ability to manage hidden files, lock file association to prevent any new program try to take over the control out of your hand (it can be configured to restore the file association whenever it detects any change attempts), manage installed services, watch scheduled tasks, and alert you whenever a new Browser Helper Object or Toolbar Add-On is installed and associated with your web browser.

This freeware works on Windows XP, Vista, NT/2000, ME, 98, and 95.

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