Repair Damaged or Corrupted AVI File With Digital Video Repair

Digital Video Repair is a freeware enabling you to fix broken AVI file that can't be played, is only partially downloaded from internet or copied from external drives, or unable to be fast forwarded.

When first you insert your AVI file, this program will automatically detect if there is any error within the file without having to press the "Check Errors" button. But it always suggests you to press it since the automatic detection is only done in a flash.

It won't replace your original file with the fixed one, so you can always have the original in your hand and try to repair it with another similar program in case you find the result doesn't satisfy you.

Digital Video Repair can be used under Windows and completely free with no nag screen at all.

Windows Software Buzz, Tuesday, February 19, 2008 At 2:13 PM - Permalink
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