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Think ClipMagic as a big clip storage. Contrary to the standard Windows clipboard that can only store one item, ClipMagic freeware saves all the clips whether it is text or an image. Categorize each, add personal information if necessary, view the whole clips anytime, and pick any of them to be pasted into any application. Not enough? Well, it has more.

To make clip management easier, it lets you to define rules and filters so each clip will be automatically moved to a specific category everytime you copy an item. The most interesting feature, probably, is that each clip can have its own hotkey. It can benefit you a lot if you have a special word or image, or whatever it is, that you very often use. Or, instead of remembering hotkeys for the clips, you can just press a single custom hotkey to open the simple and effective clip list under your mouse.

When I explore the ClipMagic's features the first time I've never expected that clips can be managed in such so many ways that help me speed up my typing. If you think this program is nothing but a clipboard viewer, download and install it, and see yourself if you still stick to your first assumption. It still has much more than what I've written here.

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