Control Windows Volume Globally By Mouse Wheel Or Hotkey

Have you ever wanted a much simpler and quicker way to control volume in Windows when you sit in fornt of your desktop? Instead of manually moving the mouse cursor to the volume slider of your multimedia player, why not customizing mouse wheel as a global controller, or using hotkey as another quicker alternative?

These are possible if you use Volumouse, a small-size and free program that doesn't need to be installed. Many interesting functions regarding the volume controlling are offered. You can simply define hotkey to decrease or increase volume. Or, use the mouse wheel under certain actions like when the mouse cursor is over the desktop or taskbar, the ALT key is hold down, the iTunes or GOM is focused, the right mouse button is hold, and many more. Each configuration can be saved as a single file.

When some of the above selected actions occurs, a volume indicator is displayed. The interface can be configured to choose whether it should be in form of vertical or horizontal trackbar, to set transparency level, size, delay, and so on. It sits in the tray area when running, but the icon can be optionally hidden.

Windows Software Buzz, Tuesday, March 11, 2008 At 10:09 AM - Permalink
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